Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Everybody in my office is gone at a conference. I am literally the only one for our company here right now. A nice little change :)

I would first like to say Happy Birthday to my Big Sis Robyn! 

I am in an really good mood today! 

We are approaching Christmas! I can't help but think of the waking up Christmas morning at my mom's house with beautiful decorations and a huge tree. My mom would always make it extra special. I remember there being Santa foot prints from the ash from our fireplace. She always knew how to make things special. 
For some reason this year I keep thinking of her house. It was the house I grew up in. The house I loved. The house I would want for my kids to grow up in. I will always have pictures of that amazing house in my mind. My moms house is gone now and in its place a new home with new memories. It almost makes me less sad knowing nobody else can be in my house (selfish but after my moms passing there are some things I get to be selfish about).  I will find some pictures of my moms house to share with you soon!

On that note, Matt and I have to find a new place to rent. Such a bummer but we can't deal with the condition our place is in any more. Our landlord refuses to fix anything and it has been over a year. So we are on the look out for new places that won't break the bank! If you have good websites to find rentals please let me know! 
Happy Tuesday! May god bless you today! 


  1. Good luck with hunting for a place to rent!!! Miss you, love you!!! Def a skype date soon!!! Ps- Are you on Facebook?

  2. Glad you're in a good mood today sis!