Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's May!

Hello friends!

Baby news:
I am 23 weeks pregnant! 

We made our baby registry this weekend! HOLLY COW it took 4EVER! I think we were at the store for four hours! We even had to take a break for lunch because mommy and baby were getting very hungry and didn't want to bite daddys head off lol! By the end of our adventure our feet hurt and we were very very tired! We vegged out the rest of the day and forgot to eat dinner because we went to the hot tub instead so I ended up making pancakes at 10:30 at night. They were very yummy!

My cat is obsessed over the baby clothes! Its driving me crazy! He knows he cant be near them so any chance he gets he tries his little heart out! UGH!

In other baby news I thought I had finally picked out the baby bedding! I was so happy with the design I had made. It would have been custom bedding and so sweet but reality hit and I decided that a baby does not need bedding that costs $500 that will be puked, peed, and pooped on by my precious bundle of joy. So reluctantly I made a decision with my hubby while making our registry to go with a very cute monkey theme.

Yesterday May 2nd was our 2nd anniversary!
I was the perfect anniversary! We had a very yummy dinner. After dinner my hubby took me to a place called the top of the world. For people in the So Cal area its an amazing site! When we got to the top of the world you (which is the top of a mountain) you can see the whole valley on one side and then on the other side the ocean! It's SO amazing! It was a gift that was truly priceless! After taking my breath away my hubby found my favorite frozen yogurt! We had the best and most amazing anniversary!

The pictures I have do not do the top of the world justice. They are from my iphone.
 The Valley 
The Ocean

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  1. Eekk!! It's getting close! How exciting! Happy Anniversary to you two! :)